BITS 2015: A Review of ‘Farhope Tower’

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BITS 2015: A Review of ‘Farhope Tower’

It’s important to kick off a festival with a strong effort.

As the opening night film at the fourth annual Blood In The Snow Film Festival that kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend at the Carlton Cinemas here in downtown Toronto, Farhope Tower isn’t necessarily going to light the world on fire but the director/writer team of April Mullen and Tim Dorion find their stride for an effective locked in thriller that does more than enough right to get us creeped out in all the right spots.

The Paranormal Investigation game isn’t an easy one, as everyone and their brother is in line to get a TV deal creeping into dark caves looking for something spooky, but at the infamous Farhope Tower there is some legitimate dark history going on and the chance to document that would put this team over the top and into Reality TV heaven.  However things are not always as they seem, as the layout of the building seems to keep changing, forcing them up the building as the evil rises and the all spiral out of control succumbing to the madness of Farhope Tower.

Solid yet not flashy, Farhope Tower is a tight affair that does exactly what it sets out to do and marks a visual and narrative improvement from the team of Mullen and Dorion.  It never tries to do too much but keeps us engaged from point A to point B in the story.  The cast is solid as John White stands out as the fearless leader who slowly unravels and Lauren Collins of Degrassi: The Next Generation as Judy manages to give a nice balance of comedy fame as the narrative is ramping up the freaky that is happening in the building all around us.

Ultimately, Farhope Tower is a great example of knowing not when to over reach in a story for budgetary or any other reasons because it can drag your whole film down the toilet.  They didn’t here and it makes for a strong effort that shows some promise for this duo’s future efforts.

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