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Now available on DVD & Blu-Ray, “Tut” is the story of the famous boy king (Avan Jogia) after the murder of his father when he is forced into marrying his sister (Sibylla Deen) and ruling his empire. Exploited at every turn by a shrewd Grand Vizier (Ben Kingsley), a ruthless general (Nonzo Anozie) and a less then pious high priest (Alexander Siddig) he is forced to navigate the twists and turns of politics while struggling with the complexities of falling in love with a common village girl (Kylie Bunbury) while keeping plague and war away from the gates of his kingdom that he is sworn to protect.

Thanks to our friends at Paramount Home Entertainment, I have copies to give away to you on DVD & Blu-Ray.

Winning is easy, e-mail us here at with your name and address and preferred format and answer the following question.  Ben Kingsley hasn’t done a TV mini-series since 2001…name that mini-series.

This contest will run until Monday October 26thth at 11:59PM and is open to all residents of Canada.  Winners will be notified via e-mail after the contest has closed.'
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