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There’s nothing that makes us happier here at In The Seats then when we get to share one of those under the radar gems with our fine readers.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople is the story of young Ricky; a head strong and defiant inner city kid who is looking for a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside, an existence a lot different than the hip-hop and foster care that was presented before him.  He’s at home with his new foster family, Aunt Bello, Uncle Hec and their dog Tupac and has never fit in better.  However when tragedy strikes and Ricky is looking at the prospect of going to yet another foster home, both Ricky and Hec head out into the bush to live life on their own terms.  As the national manhunt grows, these two are forced to face their options; do they go out in a blaze of glory or do they figure it out and survive as they were meant to; as family.

These little indie gems that fly under the radar are the reason I do my job and thanks to our friends at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, I have some copies to give away to you.

Your chance to win is quite easy; e-mail us at with ‘Wilderpeople’ in the subject header; along with your full name, mailing address and the answer to the following question.  This film was directed by up and coming New Zealand star Taka Waitti who is probably best known for his work on the Flight of the Concords TV show and the recent festival darling What We Do In The Shadows…what big budget Marvel blockbuster is he currently working on?

Contest is open to all residents of Canada, one entry per person and will run until Friday October 7th at 11:59PM.  Winners will be informed via e-mail after the contest is over.'
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