Toronto After Dark 2017: Our Review of ‘Sixty Minutes To Midnight’

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Toronto After Dark 2017: Our Review of ‘Sixty Minutes To Midnight’

There’s nothing wrong with getting down and dirty…

Its New Years Eve 1999, and former soldier Jack Darcy (Robert Nolan) finds himself on the brink of yet another dull and unimaginative year that he’s looking to wash away in Jack Daniels and regret as he sits around in a world that he just doesn’t understand.  However it all changes when he wakes up to find himself trapped in his house and the newest contestant on a murderous new game show!  He’s got sixty minutes to survive as a group of mercenaries and assassins surround his house with the intent of killing him live on air!  But little do they know that this ex-military man has a few tricks ready for his new house guests and he’s not going down without one hell of a fight that will undoubtedly result in a rating bonanza!

A nice and juicy piece of Grindhouse cinema is what we get with Sixty Minutes To Midnight as it boils it all down to the bare essentials of action, violence and a gruff let likable leading man.

Director Neil Mackay and Writer Terry McDonald know exactly what they are trying to do giving us something in a lean and mean package that fits right along with the material.  It’s effectively dirty as it tracks us through the hour that our hero has to survive.  Mackay works within his budgetary restraints pretty darn well and successfully accentuates the positives that he has to work with in the film while veteran stage and screen actor Robert Nolan captures the no nonsense of Charles Bronson or Stallone in the 1980’s with a vicious aplomb and brings real energy to the role.

Sixty Minutes To Midnight has the benefit of knowing exactly what it is, which is why it works.

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