Toronto After Dark 2017: Our Review of ‘Defective’

Toronto After Dark 2017: Our Review of ‘Defective’

Tackling genre filmmaking is always hard, and when you are working on a budget, it’s that much harder.

It’s the near future in a dystopian world gone mad that doesn’t feel like it took that long to get there, the population is controlled by television and monitors what people do and say in public.  When a brother and sister uncover the sinister government manipulation going on and the corporate influence behind it all, they find themselves on the run from a sinister robotic police force and its killer drones with only one mission; silence them by any means necessary.

Defective is a unique beast as effective and well told science-fiction just doesn’t happen on a micro budget, and that’s exactly what writer/director Reese Evenshen have come up with here.

With a solid script that doesn’t try to make any big logic jumps and special effects kept to an actual minimum (if only to not look too cheap), Evenshen smartly plays the entire thing to its strengths; focusing on solid character development framed around some believable action sequences.  He wears some of his visual influences on his sleeve at times and that’s OK because he’s figured out a way to honor some of those that came before him while not getting too far away from his budgetary constraints.  Had anything really looked cheap on this picture the entire thing would have crumbled to pieces and it takes a solid storyteller to make sure that just doesn’t happen.

Anchored by strong performances and an ensemble that buys into the material hook, line and sinker, Defective actually works pretty damn well and proves that talent rises to the top of the industry pool, even if they can barely afford water wings to swim in the deep end that is feature filmmaking.

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