Toronto After Dark 2017: Our Review of ‘Beyond Skyline’

Toronto After Dark 2017: Our Review of ‘Beyond Skyline’

If at first you don’t succeed, just try and try again…

Beyond Skyline takes us back to the skies of Los Angeles as it is riddled with alien invaders to give us a ‘side-quel’ of a story that ends up being a lot more fun and almost apologetic for the first film that takes itself far too seriously.

Mark (Frank Grillo) is an LAPD cop grieving the loss of his wife and trying to keep their teenage son (Jonny Weston) out of trouble but everything changes for this tough as nails cop when the lights in the sky change everything and his son ends up getting abducted by aliens!  Determined to keep his family together he sets off on an adventure that began about saving his son but possibly ends up being the key to save all of humanity!

Don’t get us wrong, Beyond Skyline is just about as dumb as the first film but where it shifts is that it knowingly leans into the sillier moments and combined with some kick-ass action sequences, the whole thing ends up being one hell of an entertaining ride.

Writer/Director Liam O’Connell who served as a producer on the first and has worked on a myriad of VFX teams brings his vast knowledge to the fray and makes a film that while in moments obviously on a budget still looking pretty darn slick when it absolutely had to with over 1700 VFX shots in the entire film.  Frank Grillo plays the action hero on a budget with exceptional ease while Iko Uwais & Yayan Ruhian add validity to the second half picture where the action doesn’t stop.

Sure, it’s got some huge logic gaps, but when something as genuinely fun as Beyond Skyline comes around, who the hell cares?

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