TIFF Kids 2015: ‘The Outlaw League’

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TIFF Kids 2015: ‘The Outlaw League’

12-year-old Nicolas is having a hard time moving on after his father’s death. After his passing 2 years prior the only thing that provides Nicolas with any comfort, and keeps him close to his dad in spirit, is playing baseball with his friends. But when the local grounds are padlocked in order to facilitate becoming their seaside town’s newest garbage dump, the children band together in hopes of saving their beloved diamond. The undaunted Nicolas must turn to his grandfather Jérémie, a former baseball coach, for help. But his Grandfather has become the town drunk, racked with guilt over the death of his son/Nicolas’ dad’s death.

The Outlaw League is obviously inspired by the now classic 1993 family baseball film The Sandlot, and much like that film it’s the child actors that standout the most. Appearing in almost every scene of the film, young André Kasper is terrific as Nicolas. It’s a performance that keeps the film from stalling out and going flat even when the film’s script does exactly that. Guy Thauvette does a admirable job as Jérémie, but the director Jean Beaudry keeps the film skimming along the surface and never really delves too deep into the problems and issues surrounding the character. The inevitable triumph at the end of the film is never in question while multiple loose ends are patched together in a harried fashion without being earned.

The Outlaw League is harmless fun that never gets past the fluff. It should work for younger kids but teens and adults are likely to only be mildly amused.

The Outlaw League is playing on Tues April 14th at 10:15AM and on April 17th with two shows at 10:45AM & 12:15PM respectively

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