TIFF 2017: Our Review of ‘Our People Will Be Healed’

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TIFF 2017: Our Review of ‘Our People Will Be Healed’

Filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin comes out with bursts of movies once in a while. Although she does come out consistently with a film every year since the 1990’s. Yes, she’s reportedly has a misstep or two. But Our People Will Be Healed is not one of them. Here she explores how the First Nations people in Norway House, Manitoba reconnect with their land.

This documentary happens to be both comprehensive and show focus. There are some necessary digressions by the half hour mark. But the film’s main goal is to show the progress in the education of Norway House’s youngest. Obomsawin talked to the school’s principal, promising to cater to all of the children’s skill sets. But there’s a dedication to teach First Nation studies to these kids.

There are certain beats within movies about the First Peoples. Specifically, there’s this dread about the touchy subject of the injustices they faced. Here, Obomsawin proves that people can both look back and heal. She and her camera capture the community as it implements activities to get their young people to relearn their culture. And this education takes place both indoors and out.

I saw a rough cut of this film. It doesn’t always have subtitles for when the subjects speak their language. I hope that there will be subtitles in the final product. This technical flaw doesn’t remove the glory in hearing these people speak with such honesty and nuance. Seeing these people’s happy faces also makes this film worth a watch.

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