TIFF ’15 Review: ‘The Martian’

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TIFF ’15 Review: ‘The Martian’

The Martian


Much more then Cast Away in space, Ridley Scott and Matt Damon give us an adventure that tests and highlights the beautiful nature of the human spirit.

The latest mission to Mars seems to be going well enough, but it all changes when a freak storm forces an evacuation and NASA botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is left on the planet and is presumed dead, or so they thought.  He survived but is now faced with an even more dire challenge.  He has to survive on a barren planet to stay alive long enough to contact NASA in the hopes of a rescue mission that would be years away.

This is one of those films that just captures the hopeful and inspirational nature of the human spirit, as you can’t help but find yourself cheering for what you know in your logic mind is more than a little impossible.

Ridley Scott expertly crafts a big enough world for these characters to be existing in while managing the keep the story away from being just about one stranded astronaut, but instead about all of these people working against logic and sometimes even hope to get this man home.  It’s a loaded ensemble cast and it need to be, but Matt Damon anchors it all when a strong and humanistic performance which ranks among some of his very best.

Put simply, The Martian is some inspirational popcorn cinema, go get some.

The Martian is no longer screening during TIFF.

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