Stale Comedy: A Review of ‘Hot Pursuit’

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Stale Comedy: A Review of ‘Hot Pursuit’

In this cinematic universe that we live in, there just aren’t too many ways to reinvent the wheel, no matter how hard you try.  Hot Pursuit while not without the occasional moment of laughter is just a low rent, dumb comedy where no one involved is trying all that hard.

It’s a big break for by-the book cop Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) who just can’t seem to live up to the reputation of her hero cop father as she’s finally out of the evidence locker to escort a key witness to the trial of a drug cartel kingpin.  However, it all goes downhill when gunmen show up, her partner gets killed and she’s on the run with the wife of their witness (Sofia Vergara).  With dirty cops and cartel hit men trying to track them , she has to get her uncooperative witness to trial and keep them both alive with just her wits as she learns that a good cop occasionally has to bend the rules in order to do the right thing.


While it has a couple of laughs and moves at a decent pace, Hot Pursuit officially falls under the been there done that category, as it feels like a working break for Reese Witherspoon to just do something passable and fun that she can phone in.

In her follow up to The Guilt Trip (Let that sink in for a second), director Anne Fletcher gives us a well paced passable affair that never gets bogged down in any expositional nonsense as it plays like a sitcom or a basic 80’s comedy that isn’t trying very hard.  She gets us through the story as painlessly as possible but that being said it’s hard to have any pain when nothing of any genuine interest actually happens.  The script from  David Feeney and John Quaintence never feels like it has any scope and for two writers who have mostly worked on C-Grade Sitcom’s like According To Jim & 2 Broke Girls it is genuinely no surprise that this movie can’t help but feel like episodic television moving us from bit to bit rather than trying to craft a genuine story arc.  It’s not entirely unfunny, but there is nothing about it that hasn’t been done before…and ALOT.  If not for the someone decent comedic timing and chemistry of the two leads this would have been more of a mess then it already was.hotpursuit3

Reese Witherspoon pretty well gets a pass on this one as feels like she just wanted to explore her inner Adam Sandler after doing a string of high brow dramas.  She was fine as the uber nerdy straight laced cop who gets loosened up by her assignment.  Sofia Vergara  works well as her polar opposite as this duo mine the ‘The Odd Couple’ but for women comedic territory well enough but outside of our two leads there really is no one to pull focus in this story that never tries to do anything more then been a buddy movie as it hits all the bullet points in a rather tired and predictable manner.

There’s nothing wrong with Hot Pursuit if you are killing time on an airplane for ninety minutes but there isn’t a single thing about this feature that demands you to go to the theatre to see it.

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