‘SOS: Save Our Skins’ was devoid of anything remotely funny

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‘SOS: Save Our Skins’ was devoid of anything remotely funny

Let’s be honest with one another, movie ideas have been done before all in some way shape or form and sometimes you just need to freshen them up.  SOS: Save Our Skins is a tired genre entry borrowing from some of the best that the 70’s and 80’s had to offer but never really going anywhere thanks to some weak writing and even weaker performance.

It’s dawn in New York City, and two dim bulb British geeks wake up to find that the entire human race has vanished into thin air.  At first Ben & Stephen (Nat Saunders & Chris Hayward) are enjoying having the town to themselves…or so they think because they are not alone at all.  As mysterious aliens and crazy blue monsters threaten their long term health, the only thing these guys want to do is get home, but how do the two most ill equipped dudes in the universe save themselves much less figure out the fate of the human race at the exact same time.

More than anything this was just a dull comedy that was leaning on tired stereotypes and gave little to no effort to character development in a movie that was basically Night of the Comet written in a tired Chuck Lorre-esque sitcom style with even weaker actors tasked to essentially carry an 85 minute feature by themselves.

A made for TV affair, director Kent Sobey runs these characters through the bullet points that are supposed to be there and the script from co-starts Nat Saunders and Chris Hayward is barely funny even at the best of times.  This movie makes the cardinal sin for any form of entertainment no matter what the medium.  There’s never any mystery as to what these characters are up to, it’s just that the entire thing is terribly dull to watch unfold.  It doesn’t even have the decency to be terrible, it just lies their like a wet rag, expecting laughs and reactions that just haven’t been earned.

Both Nat Saunders and Chris Hayward are carving out their own little niche in British comedy up to this point, but they can’t carry a movie.  With only a handful of credits to their names collectively, we just don’t care about these dweebs and anything that do and as it transitions from the first act where they are likeably goofy to the third act where we just don’t give a damn if they live or die.  It is like nails on a chalkboard that are slowly but surely getting progressively louder, at the beginning, any faults are barely audible but by the end of it where everyone involved has obviously stopped caring you go deaf from how laughably bad it all really is.  When you start a movie at just below the middle and can’t be bothered to figure out which way is up, it makes you wonder who green lit this 85 minute waste of space.

I’m usually a sucker for anything coming out of the BBC, but this is proof positive that anyone can lay a turd at any given time.  SOS: Save Our Skins barely manages to be cute and is mostly just a waste of anyone’s good time.  I’ve seen murder mystery shows that were funnier than this, and they weren’t even trying.

There are no special features on this DVD, you’d better off watching Yes, Minister with the sound off…which is still much funnier then this.

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