Songs From The Kitchen Sink: Our Review of ‘Goddess’

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Songs From The Kitchen Sink: Our Review of ‘Goddess’

My husband hates musicals and I suppose I understand why.  When done well musicals can be some of the most thrilling and moving cinematic experiences out there but I can appreciate that the artifice inherent in a movie where normal people going about their daily lives suddenly break into song can be jarring and more than a bit off putting.

Goddess, a 2013 Australian import based on the play Sink Songs by writer and composer Joanna Weinberg, is the kind of film that my husband would hate.  It begins cleverly enough, with a wink to The Sound of Music (one of cinema’s all time great musicals), as Elspeth Dickens, a wife and stay-at-home mom, walks the rolling hills of Tasmania and begins to spin around ready to break into song but before she has the chance to get out a single note she is interrupted by her rambunctious two year old twin boys.

Reality interrupts her fantasy, which is a running theme throughout the movie, the story of Elspeth who gave up her career as a singer to stay home with her children in a lonely and remote town so that her husband could pursue his dream – studying whales in Antarctica.  Despairing in her isolation and deprived of a creative outlet she begins live streaming her songs and musings on life to the world via her kitchen webcam.  When she is discovered by an advertising executive she is offered the opportunity of the lifetime which promises to make all her dreams come true – but at what cost?

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It’s a variation on a story as old as film itself and this movie doesn’t add anything new to the discussion.  The songs are catchy enough (in fact, if we are being honest, I’ve had one of them stuck in my head for the last two days) and the film is helped immensely by its talented and affable cast.  Of particular note is lead actress Laura Michelle Kelly who is a stunning presence on screen and a true triple threat.  She is by far the best part of the movie and I hope that this is not the last I’ve seen of her.

Unfortunately, however, despite their best efforts the cast is not able to elevate the film above anything more than a pleasant but ultimately unremarkable version of a tale we’ve seen many times before.  If you like musicals and you don’t want to use too much of your brain it is a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hours, just don’t expect anything new or particularly exciting.  But if you are like my husband and you don’t like musicals, Goddess won’t do anything to change your mind.

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