Planet In Focus 2017: Our Review of ‘Wasted!: The Story of Food Waste’

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Planet In Focus 2017: Our Review of ‘Wasted!: The Story of Food Waste’

Anthony Bourdain, the lovable curmudgeon of the restaurant industry, discusses his reluctance towards activism. But he sees the necessity for it as a chef. Studying and practicing his craft, he knows that food waste is wrong.

Yet most of us are guilty of it and contribute to the problem. Bourdain serves as the films narrator, but the documentary’s talking heads agree with him.

These talking heads also back their facts up with statistics and visuals. The documentary starts off by showing us landfills which are sure to contain food waste. Ninety percent of food waste goes to landfills, as an inter-title says.

However, this film isn’t a downer. The documentary isn’t about food waste, as the title suggests, and instead is about how to reduce it.

The first idea of many that it presents isn’t an old one. The other chefs that the film features, like Mario Batali, trumpet the idea of eating food waste.

Other cultures have practiced eating food waste. The film mentions prosciutto as a product of food waste. It also doesn’t give as all the answers in this aspect alone.

The film didn’t mention chop suey or ratatouille just off the top of my head. This is the kind of documentary that leads its horse to water. We end up drinking, for our own good.

The documentary presents five tenets to reduce food waste. It illustrates these tenets in a wall art style. It gives the film a mix of poppy and mature way of spreading its information.

The first tenet is to make sure that all food that we produce feeds people. The film travels throughout the developing world to show how each culture deals with their own food waste problem.

It’s this dissemination of ideas and innovative measures that makes this film worth watching.

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