Narrow Audience: Our Review of ‘Born In China’

Posted in Movies, Theatrical by - April 20, 2017
Narrow Audience: Our Review of ‘Born In China’

Even in the depths of the cinematheque, it’s important to once in a while find your way back to nature.  In the latest installment of the Disneynature Series which is basically the big screen equivalent of animal videos on YouTube brings us Born In China; a culturally interesting but kind of dull affair that just gets to be a little too long in the tooth for a trip to the cinema.

Framed around the four seasons, Born In China is a wildlife drama that follows the families of endangered animals in China.

This really is the kind of film that defies any sort of traditional review or critic as it really is just some impeccably well shot nature footage with some mediocre and often corny voice over by John Krasinski.  It’s well made and it moves at a decent pace even though the voice over dialogue plays a little too hard towards the younger set.  It’s the kind of movie that will work for some, those who adore animals and/or love nature films and it should work for the kids as well as it plays out some easily relatable family related scenarios ranging from corny to actual real world issues.  While any real endangerment issues never really come to light, it helps in adding a certainly level of appreciation to these unique and beautiful animals.

I can’t honestly say that there is anything wrong with this movie but it plays to such a narrow audience that Born In China isn’t something for the masses, but if you love your cute animal’s videos online and want an 80 min version of that, then perhaps you just might be the audience for this effort.

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