A Few Minutes with Asa Butterfield of ‘The Space Between Us’

Posted in Interviews by - February 06, 2017
A Few Minutes with Asa Butterfield of ‘The Space Between Us’

We had the pleasure of sitting down with actor Asa Butterfield, a young man who has been on screen much of life, and seen a slew of roles come his way over the last year. His latest is that of Gardner in The Space Between Us, a boy born on Mars with all the boons and banes of such an existence. He longs for companionship while working in a small community, connecting online with a loner teen in the midwest U.S. with problems of her own.

When he is granted the risky opportunity to come to Earth for the first time, he attempts to break free of his confines, meet this newfound love, and reconnect with his father. So goes a charming, optimistic, and sincere adventure.


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