Ideal Charm: Our Review of ‘Mr. Right’

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Ideal Charm: Our Review of ‘Mr. Right’

Pairing two effortlessly charming actors, both of whom have a penchant for wild mischievousness and genuine emotion makes Mr. Right, its generic name notwithstanding, something that stands above mundane genre fare.

Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick team up for what is ostensibly a romantic action comedy – or comedic action romance . Whatever it is, each facet takes turns as the prevailing tone of the film, doing all well just not necessarily in constant perfect harmony.

He is Francis, a former hired assassin who has a particular set of skills, a specific moral code (he only kills people who hire him to kill people), and a sudden attraction to Martha (Kendrick), who he literally runs into at the contraceptive section of a convenient. His dexterity is on full display, and Francis’s combat style is indeed all style, more like another vehicle for Rockwell to show off
his dance

Martha meanwhile is full of chaotic love and energy, and having herself misplaced it recently investing in a cheating boyfriend. She’s all caught up emotionally and mentally when she meets the suave Francis. She and her roommate banter and bicker as Martha goes into full outlandish breakdown mode.

Director Paco Cabezas and writer Max Landis blend what are initially two disparate stories and tones before bringing our two heroes together. The first dates are filled with sponatenity and witty banter, alluding to what could be a far more sincere story between these two lovable leads, you know, if this one wasn’t filled with blood and violence. Unfortunately for both of them that more traditionally told rom-com isn’t being told here, because Francis, cocky and incredibly good at his job, is the target of gangsters and crooked cops, including a slimy Tim Roth. As the film builds towards its climax, Mr. Right before more action flick than anything else, but still remains in the massive silly, entertaining bubble it’ has created.

Wonderfully zany though not without a few tonal missteps here and there, Mr. Right evolves into a violent love story that is optimistic and winning. That is, if you let. The off-the-wall tone is set right from the start, between Francis donning a clown nose before he pops a rich woman, and Martha drilling her now ex-boyfriend in the head with a glass. From that moment you either buy in, letting the characters take you on a ridiculous, lively ride, or you get off the crazy train. But where’s the fun in that?

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