Hot Docs 2015 Review: ‘Tig’

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Hot Docs 2015 Review: ‘Tig’


Show Me The Funny

It’s takes courage to be a stand up comedian, it takes even more to own who you are as an individual and tackle the problems that life brings you, head on.

In October 2012, Tig Notaro opened her stand up set like no one has done before, “Good Evening, I have cancer”.  The set went viral which immediately sent her to the heights of fame, after she had been diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, over come and infection that could have killed her, after her mother’s passing and her breakup with her girlfriend.  Directors Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York follow the comedian for a year, chronicling all the highs and lows as he faces it all with her trademark deadpan humor and an indomitable spirit that you never see coming.

Equal parts, hilarious and subtly inspirational, Tig is one of those movies that feels like it is poured out of a formulaic mold but you never care as you want to drink up every damn drop.

Directors Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York never get ham handed with the material and don’t manipulate the story to any unnatural or fake dramatic swells and this film manages what documentary film is supposed to do; give us a genuine slice of life.  Notaro embraces her role as subject lays her entire life on the table which allows us to get behind her and love her more then we already do.

Tig is the feel good opener that every film festival needs to have and Tig Notaro serves as everyday reminder of the heroism in trying to find the best way that you can to be happy in your life.

Tig is the opening night film, tomorrow night at the Bloor Hot Docs Theatre at 9:45 PM.

It also screens on Fri. April 24th as a part of the Scotiabank Big Ideas Screening at 6PM at the Bloor Hot Docs Theatre.

There is also a third screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox on Sunday May 3rd at 7PM.

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