Hot Docs 2015 Review: ‘Mom and Me’

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Hot Docs 2015 Review: ‘Mom and Me’

Mom and Me

Canadian Spectrum

Plain and simple, addiction is a horrible emotional beast that so many people have to deal with on many sides of the issue.  Mom and Me is a deeply personal tale, that shows the emotional power of the issue along with the distance needed to not get sucked into this cycle of despair.

Director Lena Macdonald’s mother Harriet, once a successful TV producer has been surviving on the streets of Toronto for years as a crack addict who has been practically untraceable due to the fact that she has been functionally homeless for the entire time that she has been an addict.  In an effort to gain a sense of emotional control with her relationship with her mother, she documents it all in a portrait of what unconditional love can truly look like.

While the film has some moments that are a little basic in their craft, Mom and Me hinges on the power of unconditional love between a daughter and her mother.  MacDonald to her credit doesn’t hold back as this isn’t 100% a tale of redemption and she illustrates the struggles that not only her mother has, as her primary subject but the ones that MacDonald herself goes through as she has to talk herself out of not giving up on her mother entirely.  Addiction tears apart those who are hooked and their loved ones around them as well and we sympathize because loving an addict is just as hard as being an addict.

Ultimately Mom and Me isn’t top shelf filmmaking, but it deserves our attention as it does something that can escape even the most skilled of storytellers, it clamps on to that raw nerve of love and it never lets go.

Mom and Me is screening two times at Hot Docs.

Thurs. Apr. 30th at the Scotiabank Theatre at 7PM (This screening has already gone RUSH)

Sat. May 2nd at the Scotiabank Theatre at 5PM

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