How To Get Away With Murder: Our Review of The ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ S1 E3

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How To Get Away With Murder: Our Review of The ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ S1 E3

Imagine for a moment that in order to eat you had to choose a human being to kill.  Who would you pick?  Someone who wronged you, perhaps, or a notorious criminal?  This is the conundrum facing Sheila and Joel in episode three of Santa Clarita Diet as they continue trying to find a way to satiate Sheila’s appetite.

Unable to find the perfect victim, namely a young, single Hitler, they debate the options while formulating their plan to get away with murder.  Daughter Liv, meanwhile, continues her own journey to find excitement in a world where it’s hard to find something more exciting than having a zombie for a mother.

While the show is beginning to drag a bit narratively it is hitting its stride in terms of character development.  Eric and Abby continue to be delightful to watch and to my mind they are the most interesting characters of the bunch but it is Timothy Olyphant who deserves specific mention for this episode.  As the realities of his family’s situation are really setting in the fear and bewilderment shows more and more behind Olyphant’s eyes.

This is another sign that the tone of the show is growing darker slowly but surely.  It still maintains its joviality and humour, however, and while it may be hard to identify with the subject matter it does a good job making the viewer empathize with the characters.  To that note, when Joel and Sheila do pick their victim it is someone who many of us may have fantasized about taking a bite out of in our own lives.

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