Fantasia 2017: Our Review of ‘The Villainess’

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Fantasia 2017: Our Review of ‘The Villainess’

When a movie just kicks your ass in such a spectacular fashion, you can’t help but scream it from the mountain tops.

Since her days as a child Sook-hee has only known one thing; how to kill.  After witnessing the death of her father, she’s taken under the wing of an assassin who trained her to kill without mercy.  He also took her as a lover and on the day of their wedding he is killed while on the job.  Set on a path of merciless revenge against those who have widowed her, she is taken into a government program to serve as a sleeper agent.  However on one of her very first assignments, she looks through the rifle scope and sees the man she thought was dead at the other end of the rifle.  She’s now been betrayed by everyone, and her revenge will be intense.

From Co-Writer/Director Jung Byung-gil; The Villainess is a runaway rocket sled of violence and emotional intensity that have rarely been seen together.  You don’t get eased into a film like this as from the opening minutes it clubs you over the head with a whirlwind of action that is reminiscent of films like Kill Bill, John Wick & Oldboy putting us in the driver’s seat from frame one.  That being said it doesn’t spare us from the ride that this character is on as star Kim Ok-vin (who you might recognize from Thirst) allows us to empathize with her every step of the way, even while she’s slitting people’s throats and hanging on to a speeding car with an axe in her hand.

The Villainess is a 126 minute assault on your senses that you’ll want to restart the second it’s over.  Don’t miss it under any circumstances when it opens wide.

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