Fantasia 2017: Our Review of ‘Fritz Lang’

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Fantasia 2017: Our Review of ‘Fritz Lang’

Just because a movie bears the name of a cinematic master, doesn’t mean it’s worthy of his name.

While stuck in a creative rut after the release of his film Woman In The Moon, writer/director Fritz Lang becomes obsessed with the Monster of Düsseldorf, a serial killer terrorizing Germany using him for inspiration for his first talkie film which would end up becoming M.  The deeper Lang gets into this case the more he is forced to confront his own past while ultimately on the hunt for a killer.

Not a bio pic and not really falling into any sort of conventional mode; Fritz Lang kind of defies convention as a film because it’s far too esoteric to be called a thriller and it’s also far too self involved in tell a story that takes liberal leaps with fact in order to get its point across and it feels more like a idealized piece of fan fiction that puts Lang on a pedestal.

Writer/Director Gordian Maugg shoots in black and white and intercuts his film with footage from Lang’s film M.  It plays a little too disjointed and chaotic to every really connect on any kind of emotional level.  We feel like we are in the middle of a film school experiment, and if you look at it from that angle then it makes for an interesting little piece of cinema but it never really has any kind of emotional core.

Star Heino Ferch puts in some solid work as the iconic filmmaker but there just isn’t enough to work with.  I’m all for interesting and experimental filmmaking but if there’s no emotional core then it’s just about being different for the sake of being different.

Ultimately, Fritz Lang just isn’t up to its namesake.

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