Fantasia 2015: A Review of ‘Tales of Halloween’

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Fantasia 2015: A Review of ‘Tales of Halloween’

The anthology movie is always such a tricky beast, but in honor of every horror fan’s favorite holiday, Tales of Halloween made some slight adjustments on the formula and got it right.

It’s ten stories on a single Halloween in the classically gothic American suburb where the Trick or Treaters are out in full force but so are the urban legends, witches, ghouls, Martians, monsters, goblins, aliens and axe murderers are out in full force reeking their special brand of havoc.

Rather than a disjointed and uneven set of stories, the magic of Tales of Halloween is in its shared universe as we never for a moment getting taken out of the fun of this love letter to what we all in our heart of hearts have an unconditional love for.

From the mind of producer/filmmaker Axelle Carolyn and some of her friends that include the likes of Darren Lynn Bousman, Mike Mendez, Lucky McKee, Neil Marshall and many others, these luminaries of the horror world have pulled off what so many of us dream about.  They made a fun project with their friends, maintained full creative control and got paid for it along the way.

While it’s damn near impossible to single out any single one of the installments and I won’t spoil any number of the fun cameos that this motley crew of filmmakers put together I will say that this group effort is truly an exercise in why so many of these icons of horror decided to make movies in the first place.  To be weird, to have fun and tell stories the way that they wanted to and I can easily see these Tales of Halloween inspiring the next generation of storytellers on how to make an anthology film the way that they really should be made.

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