Those Familiar Spy Games We Play: Our Review of ‘Jason Bourne’

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Those Familiar Spy Games We Play: Our Review of ‘Jason Bourne’

Some people may disagree with me, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with working inside your comfort zones.  With both Writer/Director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon returning to the franchise for this fifth installment of Jason Bourne the results aren’t necessarily a movie that will knock your socks off, but it checks off all the necessary boxes and hits all the beats that it needs to in order to be an effective entry into this franchise.

It’s been years, he thought he had successfully faded into the background and fallen off the grid.  However when Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) turns up on his door step with new information about his origins and the questionable programs that the CIA are starting to ramp up again, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is pulled back into the fire.  And this time it’s with the hope that maybe he can finally stop running, not only from what he has done but from who he is.

Greengrass and Damon don’t reinvent the wheel this time out with Jason Bourne, but they do recapture the magic of the first three films and keep the story going at a break neck pace that makes us wish that Greengrass and Damon hadn’t of waited nine years to make another one.

In what is a fairly brilliant move, Paul Greengrass co-wrote this installment with his long time editor Christopher Rouse and it clicks with such effortless speed and quality entertainment value it has me scratching my head why more people haven’t been doing this for years.  It doesn’t need to wade us back into the waters of this universe and the story pretty much does a cannonball into the deep end at it plays exceptionally well, getting us wrapped up into the high drama of it all.  Granted it has moments where it gets a little over dialogued at times leaning on some clichéd tropes of the genre, but it’s supposed to.  It’s the kind of movie where the story doesn’t always HAVE to make sense as long as the ride that are characters are on does, and ultimately Jason Bourne does that in spades.

It almost feels like Damon barely speaks in the movie, but that’s OK.  He kicks ass, takes names and finds the truth by any means that are at his disposal.  He keeps getting underestimated at every turn as he denies his very nature.  As much as he wants to disappear and bleed into the background of world that is tearing itself apart, he is at odds with himself as he knows he wants…actually NEEDS to make the wrongs of the world that surround him, right.  He knows he shouldn’t exist, but is also the only defense to make sure that the CIA doesn’t start up any programs and take any liberties that go against his own core values.  Alicia Viklander makes for a unique foil to Bourne as she plays both sides of the aisle in order to advance her own agenda, much like Joan Allen before her, she is a very smart woman in a man’s world and isn’t afraid to own it.  Sadly the rest of the cast falls by the wayside as Tommy Lee Jones is basically just around to chew the scenery and others like Riz Ahmed and Vincent Cassel just don’t get enough material to work with to give us any character work other then the bare bones basics.Jason Bourne (2016)

At the end of it all and provided that this is the last film in the franchise with Greengrass and Damon, Jason Bourne is a decent enough entry that will keep the fans happy as it gives us everything that we’ve enjoyed in the past.  I would have loved a little more depth as well, but I am far from complaining with what we have.

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