EUFF 2017: Our Review Of ‘Ogres’

EUFF 2017: Our Review Of ‘Ogres’

Two families, both alike in dignity. That’s just a few of a mess of characters in Ogres. And I’ll focus on those two families because Lea Fehner couldn’t. Mona (Adele Hanael) deals with performing in a live theatre troupe on her third trimester. She discovers that she’s having a boy.

That’s is taking her pill crushing boyfriend Deloyal (Marc Barbe) on a tailspin. He’s still not over the death of his first son. Deloyal also causes an onstage accident that prompts the return of Lola (Lola Duenas). She used to be the mistress of the troupe’s leader Francois (Francois Fehner).

Everyone welcomes Lola except for Francois’ wife Marion (Marion Bouvarel). Francois has to deal with his cast. But the person who really has to face the troupe’s troubles is Francois’ daughter Ines (Ines Fehner). She plays bit parts in the troupe’s remix of Chekhov’s plays, and is sick of it.

Fehner has so much energy as a young director. I can see her spending that energy in better ways and telling more focused stories. But instead she decides on making the loudest film she can. She also presents her characters through short cuts that end up giving the audience whiplash.

Fehner also loses a kind of emotional resonance that quieter films that breathe do. Her mercurial characters wear their tears on the surface. These people also can’t get themselves together, a tiring film trope that I’ve seen better executed movies do. There’s an original vision that could have been here.

I will give the film credit for its visuals. Fehner creates a sun-kissed world, a colourful set of costumes that add to the atmosphere that she wanted to evoke. It’s a dizzying film where everyone tries to perform well. There are more elements that don’t work more than they do.

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