EUFF 2016: Our Review of ‘Tomorrow After the War’

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EUFF 2016: Our Review of ‘Tomorrow After the War’

Christophe Wagner’s Tomorrow After the War brings us back to 1945. Jules (Luc Schiltz) is one of the few people leaving the front lines to come back home. He spent a good amount of time fighting with the French resistance. And now he’s back home in Luxembourg. The waves of people seem to be coming in one battered face at a time. He seems to be fitting back in fine, getting back with his girlfriend Leonie (Elsa Rauchs). He also gets a job in the local police force, enlisted in that position because of his and his father’s history.

Jules’ only problem is that the town seems to believe that a war hero like him shouldn’t be dating Leonie. She’s a town pariah for working for a farm run by Germans suspected of getting money from the Reich. The locals seem to be making a clandestine sport of bricking the German farmers’ windows. And his problem is about to get worse since he finds her dead with the family she works for. It seems like a conflict of interest for him to investigate this murder. But he unfortunately is the only person in the force who is willing to do so.

The film uses the Luxembourgish language, our local audience being able to hear words usually confined in that small country. So it’s unfortunate that the characters speaking it aren’t the most well-written. It also has a hard time deciding what genre it is. Sometimes it’s a character study in a war vet drama and at others it’s a noir, never able to mix both. And when it decides to be a procedural, it shows us stereotypical visuals. Threatening collages, Leonie’s scarlet-lipped sister Marie (Fabienne Elaine Hollwege), Jules breaking into the crime scene. And here I was wanting more from this film.

Tomorrow After The War screens on Mon. Nov 21st at the Royal at 6PM.

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