EUFF 2016: Our Review Of ‘Family Member’

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EUFF 2016: Our Review Of ‘Family Member’

If you have ever been under financial strain you have probably imagined ways to get yourself out of trouble.  From dreams of winning the lottery to well devised schemes that live only in our minds, I would guess that we have all, at some point, plotted to improve our station in life.  Family Member, from director Marinos Kartikkis, is the story of a couple who acts on one of these plots.

The film follows George and Sophia, a husband and wife from Cyprus who are struggling financially; trying to keep their store in business while paying the bills and meeting the needs of their children.  When Sophia’s father dies suddenly they formulate a plan to keep his pension which is vital to their financial wellbeing.  The inevitable complications that follow promise to change the family’s future but in different ways than they ever imagined.

Although this sounds like the plot of a suspense film, the movie is actually a family drama with hints of black comedy.  It has an indifference about it, with the serious plot points being treated with the same detached interest as the minutia of the family’s everyday life.  The filmmakers passively observe as the characters participate in sometimes illegal and often morally reprehensible things without judgement or social commentary.

While this may have been the downfall of the movie, the likability of the cast and characters and the even handedness of the directing make it an enjoyable experience.  It allows us to excuse the implausible plot points and questionable character actions and focus on the emotions of the characters and the relationships between them.  In fact, it can be argued that Family Member is not really about the scheme at all but about familial love, personal connections and trying to survive through difficult times.

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