Equal Opportunity Raunch: Our Review of ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’

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Equal Opportunity Raunch: Our Review of ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’

Gender equality is always important, especially when it comes to a good old fashion ‘Bro-Down’.  If anything Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates is an equal opportunity comedic throw down that shows how the ladies can get just as ridiculous as the fellas.

Mike & Dave (Adam Devine & Zac Efron) are a couple of hard partying brothers who are usually the life of the party, except of course at family functions where they tend to get a little riled up and out of control.  Now, for their little sister’s event wedding in Hawaii they are mandated to find dates, with NICE girls to keep them in check and make sure their sister’s wedding goes as planned.  They place an online add and of course nothing goes as planned, that is until fate introduces them to Alice & Tatiana (Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza) who come across as two idyllic young women that they can finally introduce to Mom and Dad.  Little do Mike & Dave that Alice & Tatiana fresh off of losing their jobs are just as wild they are and that this nice family vacation may have just turned into a rowdy and raunchy vacay that none of them are ready for.

While Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates is the kind of thing that could have easily devolved into some formulaic nonsense it actually ends up as a fun comedic romp with some genuine heart that effectively flips the gender roles and allows for some equal opportunity stupidity.


Director Jake Syzmanski in his feature film debut has enough comedic pedigree behind him from his days on Saturday Night Live and Funny or Die to make a solid feature.  He keeps the laughs and the narrative moving at a rather effective pace and to his credit, the gags and the gross out jokes are executed exceptionally well to make sure that we never feel like we are being hit over the head with it all.

The script from Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brian has some genuine nuance to it all making for a balance between the smart side of the comedic coin and the gonzo side of it all.  It’s sweet, it’s crass, it’s dumb and it’s kind of brilliant all at the same time thanks to some excellent turns from our leads.

Zac Efron is actually starting to settle into the rom-com slot that Matthew McConaughey used to inhabit for so many years.  Don’t worry because that actually isn’t a bad thing.  Efron has a natural charm and charisma that translates to the lead man role quite well and he can play it goofy as well as sentimental when the situation calls for it.  Sadly Adam Devine doesn’t quite hold the same weight as he extends his basic comedic bits that he pulled in the Pitch Perfect series.  The real comedic heavy lifting in this feature actually comes from the ladies on the bill.

While Aubrey Plaza is certainly no stranger to carrying the laughs with her deadpan sensibilities and willingness to be shockingly sexual on occasion, but Anna Kendrick matches her at every turn.  She channels the borderline unhinged nature of someone who should be anywhere other than a wedding but even they don’t steal the show.  Canada’s own Sugar Lyn Beard as little sister Jeanie is an absolute delight as she leans into every stereotypical comedic plot point with absolute delight. MikeandDave

It could have easily been the kind of movie that had gone through the motions and simply been fun enough.  Thankfully Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates goes above and beyond with an ensemble cast that knows exactly what they are making.  In the 21st century it’s nice to know that the comedy bar can be just as high and as low for both genders.

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