The del Toro Influences Retrospective should be influencing you to the TIFF Bell Lightbox

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The del Toro Influences Retrospective should be influencing you to the TIFF Bell Lightbox

When a filmmaker has become so ingrained in the film culture of a city, it’s kind of easy to forget even when there is a retrospective playing in his honor.

In partnership with the recently launched at the Art Gallery of Ontario; Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters this retrospective Guillermo del Toro: Influences that launched on Sept 29th and is running until Dec 13th takes a look at some of the unique pieces of celluloid that influenced the man who now shoots in and calls Toronto his home.

With screenings of Time Bandits, Brazil & Cocteau’s Beauty & The Beast you’d think that the best has already passed but you’d be oh so very wrong kicking off this Friday night with Victor Erice’s The Spirit Of The Beehive which is a moody and effective affair looking at life in Franco’s Spain and is a movie that had a real effect and influence on the man as not only a filmmaker but as a human being as well.

The festivities ramp back up again in November at the likes of Jason and the Argonauts, Kaneto Shindo’s Onibaba, Michael Mann’s Heat & Frederico Fellini’s Spirit of the Dead among many others all grace the screen at the Lightbox over the next few weeks.  It’s a rare and special treat to get to see some of these films; both classic and criminally underrated grace get shown in the way that they weren’t meant to and how they inspired del Toro into becoming one of the most preeminent storytellers working in the modern cinema today.  It’s a unique kind of experience and reference for cinema fans anywhere.

To learn more about the retrospective along with ticket information, please visit TIFF right here and most importantly we’ll see you at the movies taking advantage of retrospective cinema in all of its glory and splendour.

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