It’s Complicated: Our Review of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ S1 E6

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It’s Complicated: Our Review of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ S1 E6

Now that we are into the second half of the first season of Santa Clarita Diet viewers have become well aware that the suburban life of a zombie is fraught with complications.  Episode six focuses on some of the complications that are facing Sheila and Joel Hammond.

Complication number one involves a piece of evidence left behind during the couple’s failed attempt at murder for hire.  Complication number two comes when neighbor and county sheriff officer Dan approaches Joel and asks him to take on a second murder but this time the job may not be what it seems.

Joel and Sheila decide to split the work which itself leads to even more complications.  Their daughter Abby meanwhile is looking for something fun to do and she has an idea – helping Eric get back at his mean step father, the aforementioned Dan.

At this point in the season it is clear that the meandering pace of the show is not going to pick up which is not necessarily a bad thing as its real strength is its quirky characters and their interactions with each other.  Timothy Olyphant continues to shine especially as the barriers facing Joel become more challenging and dangerous.  Drew Barrymore’s work as Sheila is also strong and despite not being a fan I have found myself enjoying her performance and particularly the banter between her and Olyphant.

And for those viewers who do find themselves frustrated by the lack of any significant developments their patience pays off in the final seconds of the episode with a development so big it will most certainly change the course of the rest of season.

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