Certainly No Mole Hill: Our Review of ‘Mountain’

Posted in Movies, Theatrical by - January 10, 2018
Certainly No Mole Hill: Our Review of ‘Mountain’

There’s something special about that simplistic nature of overwhelming size and power…those mountains that just feel insurmountable.

Starting at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema this Friday, Mountain is a bold, beautiful and sweeping look at these monuments to the staggering power of nature that we as a species can help but be enraptured by in our desire to overcome it.

A bold and experimental doc from director Jennifer Peedom, Mountain is about the beauty and the majesty of these feats of nature that have an irresistible draw to them from a select few who are compelled to not only conquer them but also find a true sense of freedom while looking down from them at the top of the sky.  Narrated by Willem Defoe, this is a lyrical and near poetic ode that is crafted in stunning visuals and select words to make us as an audience understand why we love them so.

This film really is a valiant attempt to describe the indescribable and truly feels like the cinematic equivalent of the infamous quote of George Mallory who when asked “Why do people regularly risk their lives to summit a mountain peak or scale sheer cliffs?” during an attempt on Mount Everest and he famously answered; “Because it’s there”.  Peedom doesn’t follow any traditional convention here but paints a rather picturesque and occasionally intense view from these mountain tops allowing us as viewers to get lost in a modicum of the spirit of freedom that the brave souls who conquer these feats of nature get to experience.

Shot in locations around the world and with a very lyrical yet rye narration from the great Willem Defoe, this film successfully captures the genuine draw between man and nature and why it will never dissipate or die any time soon.  This isn’t a film about facts, it’s one about experiences.

With a sweeping musical score from Richard Tognetti and words from Robert McFarlane this is what a visual piece of poetry actually looks like.  It never overtly tries to influence you it wants to take you on a journey across the top of the sky like you’ve never seen before and mostly certainly will never forget.

Mountain is the use of the documentary form in a way that I absolutely adore, because quite simply this isn’t a film about facts or the importance of social issues, it’s about the beauty of nature, the exhilarating rush of exploration and a truly unfiltered love of the human experience.  You’ll come out of this one feeling more alive then you have in years.

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