Canadian Film Festival 2017: Our Review of ‘Edging’

Canadian Film Festival 2017: Our Review of ‘Edging’

I prefer not to explain what Edging means as a title because a character explains it and does it well. But I will tell you what I see and adore about this.

Natty Zavitz’s film Edging takes us to a man’s housewarming party full of guests. They’re having a good time but it has a closer focus.

There’s the host Jordan (Shomari Downer). There are his two close friends from middle school, Nick (Andy McQueen) and Rachael (Paula Brancati).

There’s also a new friend or love interest Bree (Parveen Kaur). And there are two of the host’s yuppie coworkers Christopher (Giacomo Gianotti) and Crossland (Aidan Shipley).

Jordan also has a thing about fixing his garage door. He chooses to sulk there instead of spending time with his guests. Small talk about broken garage doors turn into tense conversations about broken friendships.

These conversations, loose and have an improvisational air. They are a good look into a complex dynamic between Jordan and his guests. He’s a homeowner with a good job, a rarity today, and moving from one clique to another.

If we have to nitpick, Edging‘s stage play feel isn’t for everybody. It doesn’t flesh characters that I can’t get enough of, an inevitable shortcoming of a film under a tight budget.

But I will always treasure a diverse set of characters. Two of them speak with the Toronto patois, reminding me of people I grew up with.

These characters have similar anxieties about masculinity and relationships that I struggle with. Adulthood is difficult, a stage in our lives where our gains somehow feel meaningless.

Representation is hard even in small indie films and I’m glad to see it. These actors languishing in bit parts and TV, fight that good fight and more audiences need to see them.

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