Canadian Film Festival 2017: Our Review of ‘#AnAmericanDream’

Canadian Film Festival 2017: Our Review of ‘#AnAmericanDream’

Not all dreams are worth holding on to.

#AnAmericanDream is actually anything but as writer/director Ken Finkleman gives us a gonzo spin on life according to our neighbours to the south which actually takes this attempt at a joke a little farther than it should

Gullible college graduate William Bowman (Jake Croker) while a cheerful young man really doesn’t have a whole lot going for him other than his blinding and often misplaced self-confidence that finds himself whisked into the insanity that is 21st Century America where he is beset upon by a parade of every stereotype gone wrong, including over sexed women, gun nuts, government agents on the brink of full blown paranoia, fundamentalist preachers and believers not to mention Reality TV salesman looking to sell you everything that you don’t need.

This just isn’t very good; there isn’t many other ways to say.  #AnAmericanDream is a convoluted messy affair that isn’t even trying to craft any kind of levels of satire; it’s a lowest common denominator attempt at humor and it’s just taking shock value gag bits and passing them off as comedy.  Finkleman is barely giving us any narrative structure and just flying off the wall scenarios at the screen.  The comedy is myopic and dull without any sign of life to it and even the moments where there should have been a laugh or two ended up being so broad and uninspired that it was a little depressing.

Relative newcomer Jake Croker was fine in the leading role, but the material didn’t lend him any chances to shine either, the entire film was just way too scatterbrained.

#AnAmericanDream is more like an offensive nightmare.  It’s only funny if you are mean spirited and hateful towards our neighbours to the south.

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