Seeing What’s Important: Our Canadian Film Fest Review of ‘Borealis’

Seeing What’s Important: Our Canadian Film Fest Review of ‘Borealis’

While mining some familiar territory and milking some familiar beats, Borealis is a very solid road trip drama that will pull at the heart strings without being overtly cheesy about it all.

Jonah (Jonas Chernick) is in a deep dangerous hole as he owes a substantial poker debt to the wrong people.  If he doesn’t come up with some serious cash and soon, both he and his daughter Aurora (Joey King) are gonna get hurt.  However, Jonah is carrying the guilt of some even worse news, Aurora’s degenerative eye condition.  With the motivation to get the hell out of town, they embark on a road trip to go see the most beautiful thing that he has ever seen; the Northern Lights.  As the volatile Tubby Finkleman (Kevin Pollack) on his trail, everyone is forced to finally confront their complicated pasts in order to move into the future.

Director Sean Garrity is a veteran hand on the Canadian indie scene and developed a solid knack for making his productions not look like they are on a shoe string budget.  Writer and star Jonas Chernick crafts a heartfelt and genuine story that doesn’t get distracted by any domestic trappings and allows to invest in some very well written characters including Joey King’s Aurora who is becoming a genuine performer in her own right who is very probably on the brink of stardom

It’s not flashy, but Borealis knows how to keep it simple while making the absolute most of the assets it has at hand.

Borealis screens on Thursday March 31st at 7PM as a part of the Canadian Film Festival at the Royal Theatre.

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