Canadian Film Fest 2015: The Cocksure Lads

Canadian Film Fest 2015: The Cocksure Lads

The Cocksure Lads sets us in the world of a British rock group that is touring North America for the first time. After landing in Toronto and driving to the club where the gig is that night, the boys promptly fight and break up and then spend the rest of the film wandering the streets of Toronto before their inevitable last second pre-show reunion.

Along the way each of the band’s 4 members manages to find their own romantic entanglements in a contrived and meandering script from writer/director Murray Foster that doesn’t seem to know exactly what it wants to accomplish. The Lads certainly has films like the Beatles A Hard Day’s Night in its aspirations, but the results comes off more like a underdeveloped version of the Monkees television show without any of the underlying subversion and psychedelia that made the Monkees work so well. The performances work for the most part, the Lads are quite good but some of the supporting characters miss the mark and some of the ‘birds’ in the film are not good at all, but the weak script does leave the cast without a lot to do.

The songs are hit and miss, the Cocksure Lads theme song does get ridden into the ground by the end of the film, but the hits are solid and the musical segments are well shot. The Cocksure Lads certainly could have been a lot worse, the film is fun watch, but there is a lot of wasted potential left behind.

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