Canadian Film Fest 2015: ‘Barn Wedding’

Canadian Film Fest 2015: ‘Barn Wedding’

Barn Wedding starts off as a rom-com that we have seen before but manages to morph into an interesting look at the nature of relationships.

Emma is in the process of gearing up for a picturesque summer wedding to her long time boyfriend Colin who comes home with some bad news.  They have to move the wedding up six months, so that he can take a new job out of town.  Undeterred and with her best friend and maid of honor Jessie back from her travels, she gathers up her friends (to head north of the city to pull off the ‘Barn Wedding’ of her dreams only to quickly learn that what you think you are “supposed to do” and “what you actually want” for yourself are two very different things.

This is an occasionally funny and heartfelt look at how deep down, we are all just kind of screwed up and barely know what we want on a good day.

Director and co-star Shaun Benson puts together a well shot affair that moves effortlessly while writer and co-star Kelly McCormack over comes a few bumps in the road and gives us a solid story about the pit falls of not only social expectations but of following your passions as well.

Ultimately, Barn Wedding is a solid little film that manages a few well places laughs while we look inward and make sure that we are truly happy with our own lots in life.

Barn Wedding screens tomorrow at 9:30 PM at the Royal cinema here in downtown Toronto as a part of the Canadian Film Festival.

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