The Burning Light of Rock and Roll: Our Review of ‘Oasis: Supersonic’

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The Burning Light of Rock and Roll: Our Review of ‘Oasis: Supersonic’

Rock and roll can never be quantified, bottled up or packaged in a neat little conformist box.  It rebels, it pushes back and in the modern era no one ever did that quite like the brothers Gallagher.  Oasis: Supersonic is a meticulously assembled blast from the past that takes us back into the heart and the motivation of a couple of brothers who simply didn’t give a fuck and only cared about the music.

From the award winning producing team behind such films like Senna & Amy; Oasis: Supersonic is the meteoric rise of seminal 90’s rock band; Oasis.  Shooting off like a rocket, this film immerses us in the wildly electrifying, occasionally debaucherous and often contentious world of the brothers Gallagher, otherwise known as Noel and Liam.  Filled with amazing archival footage, in-depth interviews and never before seen concert footage we track their meteoric rise and the feudal conflict between these two brothers that always threatened to tear it apart.

I’ll be the first to admit that you can’t really re-write the rules of the rock and roll documentary as many of these stories do follow many of the same beats, however what I will say is that Oasis: Supersonic successful takes us away from the talking heads and dry stories and allows the footage from the moment to speak volumes along with the music and the testimonials given about the time.


Director Mat Whitecross and his team have put in countless hours in combing through archival footage of the band to make it something that feels vibrant and salient rather than after the fact reporting.  Assembled much in the same way that the recent Amy was, the film is entirely concert footage and moments from the time as they happened.  It’s a real time look at the rise and fall of this iconic rock band that was lead by these two volatile characters that made the band just so damn compelling in the first place.  This helps to keep the energy up throughout, much like it was at the time.  It’s not a film that is trying to be ‘gotcha’ journalism or a damning expose on why the band ultimately imploded, it simply wants to relive the ride and that’s why it works, not only for the hardcore fans, but the casual ones who may not have been all the way invested at the adventures of the tumultuous Gallagher brothers.

Don’t over think Oasis: Supersonic; Noel and Liam never really did and that’s the reason why they made such great rock stars producing such great songs.  It was a short moment in time, but thanks to a band like Oasis every minute of it felt electric, exactly like this movie does.

Playing across Canada in 40 theatres tonight only before it starts a limited one week run in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary and Ottawa.  Check with your local listings for show times.

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