Brainfreeze: Our Review of ‘The Mountain Between Us’

Posted in Movies by - October 13, 2017
Brainfreeze: Our Review of ‘The Mountain Between Us’

There are many head scratching questions that rise up during and especially at the finale of The Mountain Between Us, a schmaltzy, romance amid a disaster, but the most tell is, “what mountain is between us?”

Seriously. Perhaps – perhaps – it’s talking about one half the leading duo, Alex Martin (Kate Winslet as an American), and her fiance she is on her way to wed halfway across the country. There is definitely a mountain between them, because she has just crashed landed on a snowy peak, and she is surely going to be late for her wedding. If only she was able to tell him of her plan, or if the now deceased pilot filed a flight plan.

Alex’s survival partner in this is Ben (Idris Elba), who is a doctor with a surgery scheduled in the morning, thus the need to charter a small plane over the mountain to bypass a storm with a pilot they now realize wasn’t in the best health and isn’t that diligent either.

A series of ridiculous (read: cheesy, convenient, dumb) take place throughout the ordeal, which at least means the film is dedicated to what it wants to do. That of course is bring these two attractive British actors together for a steamy reprieve from the cold mountain. And of course they find a place to do it!

So throw plausibility out the window, and perhaps any sense of self-respect or pride, because the filmmakers certainly don’t have any of that for you, especially considering the ending out-ridicules the rest of the story. This film’s sole purpose is present beautiful imagery on screen, both the moutain vista and the two charming stars.

Which there is where the title comes from I suppose. It’s the viewer talking to the screen.You can’t get to Kate and Idris because of the mountain. That, or it’s referring to the mountain of incoherency and idiocy.

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