BITS 2017: Our Review of ‘Fake Blood’

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BITS 2017: Our Review of ‘Fake Blood’

Sometimes you just have to fuck with the format…

It’s such an important lesson, one that often gets over looked with indie filmmaking because when the money just isn’t there, it’s important to stay as innovative as possible and not be afraid to try new ideas.  With Fake Blood, co-writer/director  Rob Grant turns the documentary format on its ear and in flipping the camera on ‘themselves’ it gives us something scarier than any kind of blood, violence or gore that gets thrown on the screen.  He scares us inside our own damn heads.

Two filmmakers (Rob Grant & Mike Kovac) receive a disturbing fan video inspired by one of their horror films; motivating them to investigate their responsibility portraying violent cinema by means of a new documentary that they are making and introducing themselves to the real world of violent criminals and their victims.

The misconception about the documentary format is that it’s 100% the truth and that’s false, it just has to tell an actual story or convey and actual argument or idea that is out there in the ether.  That’s the genius of Fake Blood as it makes a social issue about violence in film and the effect it can have on people twisting it into one of the best indie horror films that has possibly been seen in the 21st Century.

It alludes to everything, and shows us so very little allowing the story to play out in our sordid imaginations through clips from other films and some very subtle and smart film making that shows us next to nothing but forces us to imagine so very much.

I’ll admit it’s a hard sell, but Fake Blood is the kind of horror movie that we need because it messes with its audiences long after they leave the theatre.

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