BITS 2017: Our Review Of ‘Blood Child’

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BITS 2017: Our Review Of ‘Blood Child’

Blood Child reminds me of Rosemary’s Baby but it has enough spins to the story. It starts out by showing the happiness that Ashley DiAngelo could have lead. We see her (Alyx Malone) playing with a child. That’s while cutting into her real life, where she’s crying and burying something.

Inter-cutting these scenes is one of the film’s few tricks, choosing simplicity in its storytelling. It takes us back to Singapore, where Ashley, and her husband Bill (Biden Hall) used to live. They also have an Indonesian maid Siti (Cynthia Lee McQuarrie). Singapore wasn’t a happy place for them.

Their sadness roots from Ashley losing her unborn child in the city. The couple decides to return to Minneapolis, Ashley taking Siti with them and Bill reluctantly agreeing to this arrangement. Bill and his circle mistreat Siti, Ashley being the only person in the film who is mysteriously nice to her.

The acting here is spotty, with Ashley being too proper. Her behaviour seems impossible even for someone who can afford a maid. But there’s also something cryptic about the way Malone depicts Ashley. The film also overuses the way Siti pops up out of nowhere. This quality makes most of the frustrated at her.

The plot’s trajectory, then, can only go at one place. But writer-director Jennifer Phillips carefully notice the collateral effects of the bubbling tensions between the characters. She based her script on real people. One of whom is Ashley’s sister Naomi (Charlotte Cattell), whose actions toward Siti has definite consequences.

Blood Child also answers the question about the bond between Ashley and Siti that baffles the other characters. MacQuarrie imbues a sense of guilt and fear while portraying Siti, showing that with her subtly expressive face. And that fear expresses itself through the film’s tone as well.

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