BITS 2016: Our Review of ‘The Unseen’

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BITS 2016: Our Review of ‘The Unseen’

There’s some scary power in just disappearing before anyone’s eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s almost always a reason for anyone to do anything and that gets taken to some scary levels in The Unseen.

Bob Langmore (Aden Young) has abandoned his family to live a life of solitude, working at a remote wood mill keeping to himself and never engaging with anyone.  However when his daughter goes missing, he has to break his self imposed isolation and risk everything in order to find her and make sure that she’s safe, including his own secret which affects his entire family.

Quite simply some subtle and intellectual drama wrapped in the warming blanket of science-fiction and horror makes The Unseen one of those underrated little gems that you just don’t want to miss.

Writer/Director Geoff Redknap comes through with a very self assured effort that shows how much you can truly do on an indie budget and that dollar signs should never limit imagination.  It’s the kind of narrative that doesn’t hit you over the head with anything and it lets all the story points wash over you as an audience in a quick and efficient manner.  He’s never forcing anything that feels unnatural and when everything comes together it is just that much more effective.  He trusts his words on the page and the actors to bring it all home.

Aden Young carries it all incredibly well, he’s a man being forced out of time by this secret that he carries and when he is thrust back into an existence with his friends and loved ones, his anxiety over being discovered just gets worse and worse and he is the key to allowing the tension to climb while balancing some genuine familial emotional drama.

Talent rises to the top, and The Unseen is that kind of movie…the first of what can only hopefully be many from some very talented Canadian filmmakers.

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