BITS 2016: Our Review of ‘Capture, Kill, Release’

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BITS 2016: Our Review of ‘Capture, Kill, Release’

When The Blair Witch Project debuted 17 years ago it was something completely new, something that had never been done before.  Since then there have been countless copycats and the found film genre has become prolific.  Capture Kill Release, directed by Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart, is the latest in a long line of derivations of the genre.

Jennifer and Farhang are much like other married couples, with an important exception – they have decided to kill someone just for the thrill of it and are documenting the entire process on video.  When one of them has thoughts about backing out things begin to get complicated.

While the lead actors are very appealing, they don’t quite have the acting chops to maintain the mockumentary style.  If the actors aren’t improvising their lines it sure feels like they are.  As for their characters they are at best deplorable and impossible to relate to.  Their homicidal tendencies are interesting enough but their motives are never really explored and it is difficult spending any amount of time watching such awful people doing even the most interesting of things let alone going about their day to day business.

The film itself doesn’t add anything new to the genre.  The one big jolt comes care of a noise gag as old as horror films themselves but it is definitely effective and the film builds some genuine suspense for at least one scene.  The quality of the special effects late in the film are a surprise in the obviously low budget film but they aren’t enough hold the interest of anyone other than gore addicts and they certainly aren’t enough to save the movie as a whole.  In short, the film is successful in capturing the imagination but unfortunately it just can’t keep it.

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