Bite Marks: Our Review of ‘Santa Clairita Diet’ S1 E5

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Bite Marks: Our Review of ‘Santa Clairita Diet’ S1 E5

So we’ve reached the halfway point of season one of Santa Clarita Diet and we have learned a lot about the ins and outs of being a zombie in modern day suburbia.  One thing that has not yet been discussed, however, is something integral to the genre – is being a zombie contagious?

Episode five of the show finally addresses this question but not before it advances the story in this utilitarian but slightly forgettable episode.  It begins with Abby discovering a body in the freezer of her parent’s storage unit which leads her to realize that they have been lying about Sheila’s dietary choices and leaves her questioning the strength of her relationship with her parents.

Joel on the other hand is making progress in his quest for answers.  He discovers that those answers may lie in a rare Serbian book which could be in the hands of a mysterious man named Anton.  His search is hampered, however, by his neighbour Dan who having discovered a severed finger in Joel’s backyard uses this information to blackmail him into participating in a murder for hire scheme.  While the last thing Joel wants is to get involved with Dan, Sheila sees it as an opportunity for a meal.

Unfortunately their victim puts up a fight leaving Sheila wondering “Did I bite him?” and if so might he become a zombie too.  Much like this review has been not much more than a list of events, the episode crams as much plot as possible into its short running time.  It propels the story a great deal but does not leave much room for fun and games.  But what is ultimately a fairly unmemorable episode ends with a bang and the promise of some exciting and bloody fun to come.

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