100 Years Later and just as classic: Ingrid Bergman’s Centenary gets celebrated at the Lightbox

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100 Years Later and just as classic: Ingrid Bergman’s Centenary gets celebrated at the Lightbox

Celebrating a centenary is no small thing…and to find one that is worth celebrating is a magic thing indeed.  In the build up to the 40th anniversary of the Toronto International Film Festival, our friends hard at work on the year round programming have come up with a fairly special treat in the weeks and days leading up to the start of TIFF 40.  In honour of the hundredth anniversary of Ingrid Bergman’s birth, the TIFF Cinematheque shines its spotlight on some of the legendary actress’ greatest performances in Hollywood films, and in all honesty do we ever truly need a reason to see one of the greatest actresses of our time in her full splendor?

While there are some obvious choices like Casablanca & Notorious playing as a part of the retrospective there are some of her less screened classics that I for one I am looking forward to.  Spellbound in my mind often gets overlooked as Hitchcock classic as we followed her reserved and demur psychiatrist fight with her feelings for her attractive new colleague (Gregory Peck) who just might be a murderer.  This Hitchcock gem is playing on August 27th and only a scant number of days later is her first Oscar winning performance in Gaslight as a young bride who is driven to the brink by her husband who is hell bent on keeping his secrets.

Fans will also get to see her in the likes of Anastasia (In which she won her second Oscar), For Whom The Bell Tolls (with the iconic Gary Cooper), Goodbye Again (with Anthony Perkins) and The Bell’s of St. Mary’s (with Bing Crosby) but for this retrospective that is running until September 6th, there are two movies that stand out as simply must see events for any cinephiles, if only because I can’t remember the last time either of these played in the city of Toronto on the big screen.

On September 4th, in her last Oscar turn, it’s Murder On The Orient Express as one of the iconic Agatha Christie’s most famous and most infamous stories hits the silver screen directed by Sidney Lumet and with a loaded ensemble cast and for her to stand out in this kind of field means that she must have saved her best one for last.  On top of that, the rarely screened Under Capricorn on September 6th is screening and this Gothic drama set in 19th century Australia counts as one of the master’s unheralded best works.  I know I for one will be at both of these shows to soak up this rarely screened goodness.

Running until Sept 6th at the Tiff Bell Lightbox, Notorious: Celebrating the Ingrid Bergman Centenary is a nice way to wrap up the summer before the onslaught of the movie industry hits our shores for TIFF 40.

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